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Cloud Remote Fiber Test System
remote fiber test system                                                   remote fiber test system
Cloud Remote Fiber Test System

A Revolutionary Testing-as-a-Service Model


Monitoring Fiber Links 

Anytime Anywhere

  Benefits of cRFTS  

  Why Choose FiberOpto cRFTS ?  

• Dark fiber real-time fault detection and regular/scheduled

  OTDR monitoring

• Live fiber real-time fault detection and regular/scheduled

  OTDR monitoring

• Fault notification through emails and SMS

• GIS fault location identification on maps

     > Faster dispatching of repair teams to the exact location

• Fault history and report generation

• Real-time health status check for fiber network

•  cRFTS servers, databases, testing software are remotely hosted, operated and                 m anaged by FiberOpto

•  Only minimal hardware is installed at customer premises to interface with our    

   Service Cloud

•  No up-front cost for customer to install cRFTS

•  No investment by customer on NOC set-up, manage and maintain servers and  

   backup servers, databases

•  Customer  do not need to keep a team of RFTS operators and technicians

•  cRFTS easily expandable and scalable without new capital  investment when

    the network grows  - pay-as-you-use

•  Same level of performance as in-premises RFTS based on SLA

  cRemote Fiber Test System  - System Overview   

cloud remote fiber test system

  cRemote Fiber Test System - Benefits Overview  

remote fibre monitoring system

 Periodic vs Real Time Monitoring 

fibre fault monitoring
fiber fault monitoring

 GIS fault location on map 

  User Friendly Interface  

fiber fault monitoring

  Fiber Network Status Report  

fiber link fault test report
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