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Recognition Award for Subject Matter Expert


ETA International presented a Recognition Award to our trainer, Mr Boon Kwee Thiam

for his 5 years contribution as a Subject Matter Expert.


FiberOpto Asia is featured in ETA's High Tech News (Sep/Oct 2018)


Brian Teague, Product Line Manager, Sticklers Fiber Optics, is pictured with Boon Kwee (BK) Thiam, FOT, Instructor, FiberOpto Asia, as they double checked the testing insertion loss performance set up Thiam was working for one of his FTTH customers. Teague and Thiam were with Dixon Tan, Sticklers Asia Business Manager, and Jerald Chan, General Manager for MicroCare-Sticklers Asia.

Teague said Thiam is doing an impressive job of representing ETA and using Bill Woodward’s (FOD) latest book, “Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) Certification Exam Guide” and content for fiber
optic installations and trainings in Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

“The ETA programs are literally helping and impacting thousands of people in our industry all over Southeast Asia, helping many people you may never meet become better at their job,
teaching them to work safer through better situational awareness on the work site, and increasing their overall competitiveness in the marketplace when they use the skills they are picking during BK’s training sessions,” Teague said.     
        (Source : ETA HTN Sep/Oct 2018 Page 19)

Netlink Trust Training
FiberOpto Asia is NetLink Trust’s Appointed Training Provider


FiberOpto Asia has been NetLink Trust’s Appointed Training Provider for the standard fibre installation, operations and maintenance procedures since 2010.


We have trained more than 600 NLT Staff and Contractors/Installers.   


Netlink Trust Training
FiberOpto Asia is appointed as Exclusive Distributor for Lambdascope


FiberOpto Asia is appointed as Exclusive Distributor for Lambdascope in Singapore and Indonesia. LAMBDASCOPE designs and manufactures innovative high performance, low cost robotic fiber management solutions for telecommunication and data center applications. Their Revolutionary New D-OTDR  is capable of measuring multimode fiber length to 1000m, or single mode fiber to 35km.

BICSI Data Centre Training
FiberOpto Asia offers Electronics Technicians Association International (ETA International) Certified Fiber Optics Installer (CFOI) training program 


FiberOpto is now an Electronics Technicians Association, International (ETA® International) Accredited Fiber Optics Installer Training Course Provider and Approved Certification Exam Test Site.


We offer a 3 Days Fiber Optics Installation & Testing Training Course which is specially designed for telecom specialists to acquire the basic theories and practical knowledge fiber optic technologies and be fully and skillfully equipped to undertake the fiber optic network installation and deployment projects.  


The ETA Certified Fiber Optics Installer (CFOI) exam is administered on the last day of this course.  Upon passing both the written exam and Hands-on Skills Testing, trainees will earn the certification as a ETA International Certified Fiber Optics Installer.


FiberOpto Asia sponsored 2013 BICSI Southeast Asia Conference in Singapore

November 2013


FiberOpto Asia Pte Ltd is proud to be one of the sponsors of the 2013 BICSI Southeast Asia Conference which was held from 25-26 November 2013 at the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore.


During the conference, we have showcased :

  • The latest integrated data centers and infrastructure management solution and Data Center IT security platform from FNT Solutions

  • Internet Content Monitoring and Network Forensics Analysis Solutions from Decision Group Inc.

  • Fiber Optic Connectivity and Fiber Cabling Management Systems from Hakko Opto 



FiberOpto Asia conducted the first BICSI Data Center Course in Singapore in April 2013

May 2013


BICSI’s ADTP in South-East Asia, FiberOpto Asia Pte Ltd, has organized the first ever DC125 Data Center Design and Best Practices Course in Singapore. Held from 23 to 26 April in an exclusive and quiet retreat  in  a private club house in Singapore and conducted by BICSI’s Master Instructor Phil Isaak, the  course has received overwhelming participation from attendees from the local industry and neighboring countries such as  Indonesia and Taiwan.

To find out more about our DC125 Data Center Design and Best Practices Course, please click the following "DC125 Data Center Design and Best Practice Course" for more information 

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