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Electronics Technicians Association International
(ETA International)
Certified Fiber Optics Installer Training & Certification  


Fiber Optics Installation & Testing Training Course (3 days)


Course Objectives:

This course is specially designed for telecom specialists to acquire the basic theories and practical knowledge fiber optic technologies and be fully and skillfully equipped to undertake the fiber optic network installation and deployment projects.  


This training is an Electronics Technicians Association International (ETA International) Certified Fiber Optics Installer (CFOI) Training Program. 



Course Outline:


  • Fiber Optics Theory


  • Building Blocks of Optical Network


  • Fiber Optics Cables, Hardware and Accessories


  • Fiber Splicing and Termination


  • Cable Installation Technologies

  • Fiber Optics Testing & Troubleshooting


  • Hands-On Sessions







The ETA Certified Fiber Optics Installer (CFOI) exam is administered on the last day of this course  


Upon passing both the written exam and Hands-on Skills Testing, trainee will earn the certification as an ETA International Certified Fiber Optics Installer.


















Certification Objectives

The Certified Fiber Optic Installer (CFOI) Exam is designed to measure your ability to understand and apply fundamental fiber optic systems knowledge and skills. 

Exam Components

Written Exam measures your ability to understand fiber optics systems and components. 

- Exam consists of 75 multiple choice or true/false questions. 
- The examinee will be allowed 2 hours to complete the written portion of the exam. 
- FREE retake! ETA allows one free retake with all ETA certification exams after a 30-day waiting period. Retakes must be completed within one year of the first exam session.

Hands-on Exam measures your ability to perform an assigned task based on a skill and proficiency level appropriate to this training. 
- Must successfully complete seven classroom tasks to industry standards. 
- Must successfully identify selected fiber optic system components. 
- Each task takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

All ETA certifications are accredited through the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) and align with the ISO-17024 standard. 


For more information, pls call +65 6684 6866 or Click here to send an enquiry.  

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